Sunshine Blues

Y’all peeped that new cult joint on Netflix, Wild, Wild Country? Shit’s, well, wild. I will never, ever understand how someone can become so entranced by a single entity, follow their word like scripture, and be led to do some outlandish ass shit. HOWEVER, I definitely do fuck with LOOKING as though I could be a part of a cult, and Corridor’s new Sunshine Blues Collection is very Cult Chic™. The range consists of lightweight long and short-sleeve button-up shirts and drawstring shorts, all of which are responsibly-made and dyed in India and come in five summer-ready colors, including “Rosewater” which, coincidentally, is also the name of my new religion-free, style-centric cult. Pick up a full set from Corridor and come live with us in the middle of a vineyard in Napa Valley, surviving only on cheese with bread, and wine representing the blood of our style savior, David Bowie.

For price and purchase info, visit Corridor.

  • probs

    I was eyeing these a few weeks ago. Trying to decide whether to go short or long sleeves on the shirts.