Studio D’Artisan Sunglasses

When it comes to sunglasses, there seems to be two schools of thought: buy nice ones, because they’ll fit better and last longer. Or buy cheap ones, because you’ll most likely wind up losing or breaking them in the end. But there’s also a third option: buy these Studio D’Artisan Sunglasses, and get all of the above. They’re made in Japan and have high-quality acetate frames and metal hinges. And, they’re only $43 a pop, so if you do wind up sitting on them or leaving them somewhere, it won’t be that huge of a loss.








For price and purchase info, visit Denimio.

  • Robyn Cleveland

    Just got a pair of the tortoiseshell in the mail today and I must say I’m pretty disappointed. I would not call them,”high-quality acetate” they are clearly done by way of a mold with very little if any finishing. The lenses are cheap, they feel flimsy all together. There are imperfections and little bubbles all over the surface of the frames. I expected much better from Studio D’Artisan. I’ve honestly bought better $20 sunglasses. They’ve got the made in Japan thing going for them and that’s about it. Buyer beware.