Story Mfg. Short On Time Jackets

As much as I’d like to be super organic and all-natural-everything, I’m not. But I need to start doing a better job, because some (okay, a lot) of my choices are ruining my body and the earth, which are both very important to my son’s future. That said, I’m not giving up chicken tenders anytime soon, so, instead, I’ll go with one of these Story Mfg. Short On Time Jackets, which are made from organic cotton canvas that’s sun-bleached in earth salts and colored using natural dyes. Some of them even have hand embroidered adornments. I feel like picking up one of these babies is a great first step in this big life-change. Whether there will actually be a next step remains to be seen.

For price and purchase info, visit Story Mfg.

  • probs

    God damn these are good

    • S.O. Crane

      They are. The stealth marijuana leaf resist pattern on the bottom is my favorite.

  • Always some cool pieces from Story Mfg, but pricey :'(