Stan Ray Vacation Shirts

I do everything I can to make everyday a vacation day. Not because of my sunny disposition and positive outlook on life, but because my goal is to do as much relaxing and the least amount of work possible. A good way to let people know “hey, I’m here, but I’m not really here” is with a great Vacation Shirt like this assortment from Stan Ray. Made in Bali from a silk-like Rayon so it flows like the breeze I’m day-dreaming about in the middle of an FTE Planning Meeting. And the fun prints are ready for good times at all times. If I keep this up, I may not be able to afford any of these $99 shirts from END, but I’m gonna ride this vibe ’til the wheels fall off.

For price and purchase info, visit End Clothing.

  • probs

    Dangit, Stan Ray went ahead and made the best pineapple motif shirt after pineapple motifs done been done! *curses the heavens etc.*