Stan Ray Lined Shop Coats

It should go without saying that any outerwear that isn’t wool and/or insulated and/or fully lined is cancelled right now. So to find a shop coat – one of my favorite spring/fall outerwear pieces – that meets my winter requirements is a blessing. These made in Portugal Lined Shop Jackets from Stan Ray not only have a warm shearling lining, but the triple-needle stitched seams and bar tack reinforced stress points mean no cold is getting in and no warm is getting out. A cold-weather take on a warm-weather classic, so when someone asks you “how are you wearing that? Aren’t you cold?” You can just give them a peek of the lining and tell them: “this ain’t my first rodeo, cowboy.”

For price and purchase info, visit Stan Ray.

  • Got them in store, and the lining is sooooooo soft. I don’t know how they did that.

    • S.O. Crane

      Which one did you get?

      I’m digging the light blue but it would be under-used in Atlanta.

      • We’ve got the light blue and the natural drill. But we are based in Belgium, might be a bit far away from Atlanta.

        • S.O. Crane

          Indeed, across the ocean. XD