SMOCK Man Seersucker Suiting

Probably four days out of the week – six days once spring has started – I think about how I wish I was a white man with a scruffy beard and long, Jesus-like hair so I could wear a beautiful, relaxed fit seersucker suit, effortlessly. And apparently SMOCK Man understands exactly where I’m coming from, because that’s pretty much exactly who they got to model their made-in-Japan, 100% cotton Seersucker suit separates – my personal male LifeRuiner™ (shout out, Jon Moy). Luckily he is sans beard, or else I’d have to buy multiples of each colorway, take a bunch of fit pics, and then Photoshop Chris-Hemsworth-as-Thor’s head on my body.

For price and purchase info, visit Mohawk General Store.