senscommon Cyclist Raincoat

When it comes to cycling, you can either go the embarrassing-unless-you’re-an-adonis neon spandex route, or risk ruining your street clothes with splash-back and chain grease. Fortunately, senscommon has used some common sense and designed a minimal, unisex raincoat that’ll keep you clean, dry, and safe, without compromising your dignity. It’s made out of a waxed and airbrushed nylon / poly blend that’s lightweight, waterproof, and wind-resistant, and it’s completely seam-taped. It also has a snap-button system that fastens around your legs, and a reflective print that’s subtle during the day but highly visible at night. If all that sounds good to you, head over to senscommon’s Kickstarter page to help bring these bike-style game-changers to life.



For price and purchase info, visit senscommon’s Kickstarter page.


    I like the functionality. But the style is quite niche.

    • senscommon

      With strong reference in the mid-century parkas, the style of this raincoat is rather neutral – we call it casual streetwear. What are your thoughts?

      • walknseason

        Looks like a more columbine-ripoff/homage of the Cleverhood. Also, what is the WP/B “technology” you keep referencing but won’t name? Is it event, gore, your own proprietary mix? Is it 2 layer, 2.5, 3 layer?

        • senscommon

          Sorry for such a late response. It is hard for me to see the link with Cleverhood or Columbine. Our waterproof and breathable coating is Hipora ® – a waterproof polyurethane membrane consisting of a three-layer microporous silicon coating structure. Developed by a Korean company, it is mostly used as insert in winter, motorcycle and cycling gloves.