Selvedge Denim Production to Resume in North Carolina

According to WWD, the vintage X3 selvedge looms from the shuttered Cone Mills White Oak plant have just been purchased by a local investor who plans to resume denim production in Greensboro, North Carolina.

“Cone Denim said today that it inked a deal to bring the American Draper X3 selvage looms ‘from the iconic White Oak plant back into production’… [but] the company will not be involved in the operation of the looms going forward.”

The looms were purchased by Will Dellinger, who intends to “start them up for the purpose of producing denim fabric in North Carolina.”

For those wondering who Dellinger is, or what he’s going to do with the fabric, you’re not alone. The story notes that he’s somewhat of a mysterious local figure (according to his LinkedIn profile he’s the founder of a demolition company). And while he didn’t respond to WWD’s request for a comment directly, he did release a statement which says that the looms are “an integral part of American textile history and [he’s] excited by the possibilities of continuing their legacy.”

As for Cone, president Steve Maggard said that it was satisfying “to see a path forward for these iconic looms that allow them to remain in North Carolina and continue the legacy of American denim.”

“Will Dellinger understands the heritage and history of these looms,” Maggard said, “and we appreciate his commitment to putting them back in production here in North Carolina.”

You can read more about it at WWD.

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  • John

    this is great news!

  • S.O. Crane

    I like that he said he intends to rehire some of the workforce.