Santana Social Club Braddock Mechanics Jackets

My father-in-law has been trying to teach me how to change my oil for almost five years now. FIVE YEARS. It’s just not for me. And at first I thought that was because there were too many steps and I lacked the attention span, but it’s actually because I didn’t have the correct clothing to complete the task. Santana Social Club’s Braddock Mechanics Jacket is a style-forward, tailored-fit mechanic’s jacket that’s made in Lansing, Michigan out of water-repellent duck canvas, and has leather trim and YKK zippers. Next time I show up to the in-laws, I’ll have this $157 beaut on and make him think “today is the day.” But guess what? It won’t be.

For price and purchase info, visit Santana Social Club.

  • Paul Carrillo