Saltura Sunglasses

You guys remember when I told you about my newfound Pokemon card obsession? Well, it’s gotten worse. Like, to the point where I may or may not be looking for meet-ups on Craigslist. That said, I don’t want to become known around town as the adult man with a pocket full of Japanese monster cards, so if I’m gonna participate in one of said meet-ups, I gotta get some good sunglasses to hide behind, first. Saltura’s Sunglasses are made in Germany, and have natural cellulose acetate frames and real, mineral glass lenses. Truth be told, I’m not sure any of the five $175 styles would make me inconspicuous enough, as I finally get my hands on the Raikou full art from Dark Explorers from the 12 year old who got a ride from his mom, but I still want a pair anyway.

For price and purchase info, visit Saltura.

  • Thanks for the shout out guys! We’ve been getting great reviews on the sunglasses.

    Have a look at our apparel as well – we use non-GMO organic cottons, non-toxic dying processes and it’s all made right here in Southern California, within a 90 mile stretch of our design studio.

    As ex-New Yorkers we were looking for a little East Coast style here in our new home in Southern California and started SALTURA as a response to fast fashion, as outlined in your post on the state of the (dirty) fashion industry.

    We believe that good design, sustainable manufacturing practices and comfortable apparel are not mutually exclusive. Eat local. Shop local. Dress local.

    Thanks for looking! And feel free to reach out if we can answer any questions!