s.k. manor hill Fishtail Parka

Despite being a grown ass man, I pretty much only think and communicate in meme. And when I caught sight of this immaculate s.k. manor hill Fishtail Parka, all I could think about was “Can’t wait til it gets colder so I can really start dressin’.” I know, it’s mildly pathetic (my wife will eventually cite this as an “irreconcilable difference” in her divorce papers) but this parka has my body ready with it’s oversized fit, 100% water-resistant cotton, hella pockets and tie-closure placket. Basically: it’s fashion, look it up. And it’s made in the New York Garment District. What else could you possibly want in a fishtail parka? Maybe for it to be 30% off? Done. Become the man your GF tells you not to worry about.

For price and purchase info, visit s.k. manor hill.