Report: Men Like Shopping (Duh)

According to a recent study detailed by Forbes, men are now “shopping more often than women both online and in traditional retail channels.” So take that, tired gender stereotypes.

Compiled by First Insight, the report found that “men are more likely than women to shop six or more times a month across most traditional retail channels,” and those channels include “mass department stores, specialty stores, luxury stores, off-price stores, and even Walmart.”

(And though the story said that “men prefer a functional approach, while women enjoy the emotion of the shopping experience as a journey,” it’s kind of hard to imagine shopping six times in a month just for the thrill of function.)

Men are also finally “embracing mobile shopping” the story said, and “the percentage of men making mobile purchases is now nearly the same as women.” The study also found that guys are more into shopping with smart speakers, which is interesting mostly because I didn’t know anyone did that at all.

Attributing the “male power shopper” trend to “a shift to more casual clothing,” the writer argued that because there’s “no longer a ‘uniform’ for men, there’s demand across a wide variety of looks in the men’s fashion industry.”

“Men are shopping and researching pricing now more than ever,” the story said, and it’s now on brands to “stay in touch with these changes.”

You can read more about it at Forbes.

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