Reigning Champ Raw Edge Tees

Recently, my buddy, and former Well-Spent contributor, Jacob Gallagher, reviewed, like, a gajillion (technical term) white T-shirts for the The Wall Street Journal, in an effort to try and find the best ones at certain price points. He’s really doing the Lord’s work over there, because it is virtually impossible to find the *perfect* plain t-shirt. And that’s why, instead of hunting down the single perfect one, I’m all about having a variety of really good ones, which is where these Raw Edge Tees from Reigning Champ come in. The Canadian-made, French terry tees have an almost sweatshirt-like weight and a cool raw edge effect, for a little step outside the norm. And, East Dane has ’em for 40% off. Three colors are available.

For price and purchase info, visit East Dane.