Reception Clothing Bowling Shirts

I know the people that read my shit love me (and I love you, too) and you also know I may bring y’all some out-of-pocket shit. Because that’s me, right? Well, now I’m bringing you some shit that is right on the threshold of being in the pocket and out the pocket, and it’s these Reception Bowling Shirts. 100% cotton, made in Portugal, blah blah blah, but look; these shits come in a poppin’ ass blue and an extremely “zamn zaddy” pink and they have some out-the-fuck-there embroidery on the back that, altogether, is the perfect concoction of brain-blowing fun. When – not if, but when – you are ready to make a kooky decision not unlike one your favorite African American Midwest men’s style writer would, holler at this shirt for $210 from Centreville.

For price and purchase info, visit Centreville.