Radical Transparency Is Coming to Bangladesh

According to Fashionista, a new initiative called the “Digital RMG Factory Mapping in Bangladesh” is attempting to exhaustively “map out every single apparel factory” in the country in an effort to increase industry transparency.

Funded by both the C&A Foundation and the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers Export Association, “the map will list the location, number of employees, product types, export countries, factory building structure, trade union information, certifications and more for every single Bangladeshi factory that makes clothing.”

And while simply compiling lists won’t immediately solve the myriad problems facing one of the most embattled regions in the industry, it will definitely help.

“The database will help everyone from consumers to watchdog organizations to brands themselves gain access to important information that can keep all stakeholders more accountable.”

Set to launch in 2018, the DRFM-B “will be the first industry-wide database in the world providing this much real time detail on garment factories,” according to C&A Foundation Program Manager of Supply Chain Innovation and Transformation, Naureen Chowdhury.

Bangladeshi officials are even (reportedly) excited about the initiative, according to the story, viewing it as an opportunity to “re-brand Bangladeshi manufacturing for an international audience.”

“Bangladesh is now taking the lead for transformative industry change,” Chowdhury told Fashionista. “We sincerely hope that other countries will follow suit.” So do we.

You can read more about it at Fashionista.

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