Prospective Flow Noratos

I am constantly looking for new ways to Layer Up™ that aren’t just plain old over-shirts, and this Prospective Flow Norato is a breath of fresh air. Why? A) it’s made in Japan out of that super sexy sashiko cotton fabric that’s perfect for a post-summer-but-still-kinda-warm day and B) it’s not super easy to pull off and I like a challenge. Not saying that I’m guaranteeing a W, but I think with the right under layer – maybe a relaxed fit oxford shirt or crewneck sweatshirt with a couple of chains and Goros-type pendants – I can’t lose. And I lose WAY more than I would ever care to admit. Just ask my wife. Take the Layering Challenge© with me by picking up one of these for $242 and boast about your success in the comments.

For price and purchase info, visit Prospective Flow.