President’s Washed Vintage Nylon Anorak

I know I’ve posted a few different crossbody bags recently, but, honestly, I’m still on the fence. Seems like a flash-in-the-pan, albeit functional, fashion trend. Personally, I still prefer a jacket that can hold all my shit, with a 1024343% less chance of losing it. Which is why I want one of these President’s Vintage Washed Nylon Anoraks. Not only are they made in Italy from a washed nylon fabric, and have a foldaway hood, but the zip closure kangaroo pocket can inconspicuously hold my drugs. And by “drugs” I mean my Adderall prescription. And hold the good stuff. And by “good stuff” I mean my organic sour gummy worms. You know WTF I’m talking bout. Skip the fanny pack and pick up one of these anoraks from Superdenim for 70% (!) off.

For price and purchase info, visit Superdenim.