Present Knitted Watch Caps

There are a few core items that I can be seen wearing pretty much day in and day out. Let’s call them my Identifiers™. And one of those is a beanie/watch cap – in either black or a vibrant color – that doesn’t actually cover my ears, because it looks cooler that way. Present’s Knitted Watch Caps and Hats serve the functional role of keeping your heard warm, as they’re made in Scotland from 100% lambswool, and they also meet my personal, superficial needs with their cool colors and ability to cover my hairline and not my ears. So whether you’re as shallow as I am, or you actually want a nice, warm cap for this crisp fall air, Present’s got you, for $45.

For price and purchase info, visit Present.

  • probs

    These are nice. And I had forgotten about that pink stripe cardigan they have

    • probs

      Also, if you convert the currency to dollars, it’s all $0.00 . If only!