Pistol Lake French Terry Pullover Hoodies

Back in college, I had a teammate – now a dear friend of mine – who had real sensitive nipples. When he would play ball, he would have to put tape over them to keep his jersey from rubbing up against them and making them bleed. Real weird shit. When I came across these handmade-in-LA Pistol Lake Pullover Hoodies, I forwarded him the link, because I think the yard-dyed, 100% cotton french terry would really help with his, um, condition. He’s also of Dutch heritage, which means he’s incredibly frugal, so he’ll love the $75 price. Treat your own nipples to one of four colors.

Pistol Lake_French_Terry_Pullover_Hoodies_2

Pistol Lake_French_Terry_Pullover_Hoodies_3

Pistol Lake_French_Terry_Pullover_Hoodies_4

For price and purchase info, visit Pistol Lake.