Paul Manafort Spent Over $1M in Laundered Cash on Clothing

As detailed in a court filing released yesterday, Donald Trump’s former Campaign Manager, Paul Manafort, spent over $1.3 million of laundered money on clothes.

First noticed by Racked, Manafort visited two stores a combined 43 times between 2008 and 2014, and spent $849,215 at one, which is located in New York City, and $520,440 at the other, which is located in Beverly Hills, CA. And all of that cash has been linked to his litany of vaguely-named offshore nominee accounts.

From the filing: “In order to use the [illegally laundered] money in the offshore nominee accounts of the MANAFORT-GATES entities without paying taxes on it, MANAFORT and GATES caused millions of dollars in wire transfers from these accounts to be made for goods, services, and real estate. They did not report these transfers as income to DMP, DMI, or MANAFORT.”

To give you another idea of how much Manafort spent over a mere six years, $1.3 million would buy – literally – 91,500 pairs of Wranglers from Walmart. And, as Racked so perfectly put it, “[that is] an absurd amount of cash to drop on clothes for anyone, let alone the campaign manager for a presidential candidate who won strong support from working-class voters.”

You can read more about it at Racked.

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