Outdoor Voices Upstate Hoodies

For anyone who’s ever wondered what it’s like working for Brad, I’ll tell you: dude is a fucking dictator. Last week, I pitched him denim climbing pants, faux suede trucker caps, and some really beautiful English-made shoes. But did he pick any of that stuff? No. Instead, he made me write about these Outdoor Voices Upstate Hoodies. Those other items “aren’t right for WS,” he said, or “they’re too expensive.” But this US-made, lightweight poly/spandex hoodie is “more up everyone’s alley.” Tell me readers, is this $110 hoodie really better than the stuff I picked?




For price and purchase info, visit Outdoor Voices.

  • Edward

    These hoodies are top notch… Truly nothing else like it on the market.

  • Watcho

    I got your back on this one, Nick (except for that terrible Odd Future hat. You and the hats, dude). These hoodies are perfectly fine and all, and I’m sure that material is interesting, but what with F&T dropping a 10-year version of this last month it’s hard for me to imagine a hoodie that’s more lifestyle-comprehensive than theirs.

    • Nick Grant

      your butt’s terrible, Watcho

      • Watcho

        I’d totally cover it with those denim pajama pants tho bro.

    • @Watcho

      Haha too bad that 10 year hoodie is repulsive. This one is clearing aiming for more of a stylish / athletic look and function.

      • Watcho

        I don’t know, it doesn’t look any more or less stylish/athletic to me, it’s just made of a synthetic material. And look how the dude is wearing it, boxy, hanging off his shoulders. I think this is ok if (A) you buy the right size and (B) are buying a hoodie to have your picture taken in it.