orSlow New Yorker Pants

I’m not 100% sure what makes these orSlow pants “New Yorker” Pants, but I’m all about it. Maybe it’s the fact that they’re made in Japan but for sale at The Bureau Belfast – a shop in Northern Ireland – symbolizing the melting pot of cultures. Or, maybe, it’s a New York tough kind of thing – they’re crafted from hardwearing herringbone, ripstop and over-dyed twill, fabrics that can take a real beating. Or it could be the effortless coolness of the casual fit and the elastic waistband. Whatever it may be, it can shut up, take my $252 to $332, and fuggedaboutit.

For price and purchase info, visit The Bureau Belfast.

  • Joan Dallis

    Expensive, but Orslow makes a lot of great stuff that not only fits and looks great, but will last a long time. I have these pants in black and I absolutely love them. Highly recommend.