orSlow for The Bureau Climbing Pants

As a father, it is my #1 duty to wear practical, functional clothing that I have no practical or functional use for. Well, actually, my #1 duty is to care for a child, probably, but the whole practical, functional clothing thing, yeah that’s #2. And these Climbing Pants that orSlow did with The Bureau are perfect because they were sustainably made in Japan and have triple-stitched seams and an elasticated waist with adjustable clasp. They’re made for climbing, which I will absolutely never do, but they also look gooder then a mug, and that 30% off sale price is miiiighty tempting.

For price and purchase info, visit The Bureau.

  • probs

    A fun game is to put two climbers in the same room and count the seconds until they start comparing horrific injury stories. So, good call on the not climbing.