Officine Generale Bradley Parkas

You guys want to know one of my biggest fears? Not that I’ll be a bad father, or a lousy husband, but that’ll accidentally write the same shit about two different products on here. Keeps me up at night. How do I not repeat (or straight-up plagiarize) myself? In the case of these flex-worthy Bradley Parkas from Officine General, which are Made in Portugal out of a high-quality and water-resistant cotton / poly / nylon blend, I really want to talk about how there are so many underrated Parisian brands that just get it. But did I already say the same thing about Harmony? Or AMI? Or Coltesse? I honestly can’t remember. Hopefully not. But either way, these are dope jackets, and if you’re ordering from outside the EU, you can get ’em for 20% off (plus free shipping) from Centre Commercial.

For price and purchase info, visit Centre Commercial.

  • apop

    my favorite brand 🙂