OBRA Sneakers

These sneakers from the newly launched footwear label, OBRA, check all the boxes: ethical, affordable, and they don’t look like something you got at The Walking Company. Created by industry vets Arnaud Delecolle (founder of ALIFE) and Dave Cory (former Director of Product for Converse), OBRA’s sneakers are sustainably made in a family-owned factory in Brazil, come in cozy slip-ons or classic lows and highs, and for every pair sold, $10 is donated to Red Hook Labs, a non-profit that partners with public schools to provide arts education to inner-city youth. Seriously, there is not a thing not to love about this brand. Prices start at $120.

For price and purchase info, visit OBRA.

  • Why does being “ethical” in the footwear space yields shoes that generally look the same. It’s so diametrically opposed to what’s going on in “ethical” clothing. Exception to the that rule are rare. I can only think of a few like Brother Vellies and Sawa Shoes. If any of you fine people can think of any interesting shoe brands please reply.

  • John

    O BRUH these are fugly

  • Beast of truth

    $120 is crazy even for them hypebeast kiddos. I’m all for more ethical products but BOY do these look like shit. Just do the world a favor and give to the charity directly.