Oak Street Bootmakers Indigo Rough-Out Dainite Trench Boots

Every product has a story behind it, but some of those stories are way more interesting than others. Like, for instance, the saga of these Indigo Rough-Out Dainite Trench Boots from Oak Street Bootmakers. From the OSB website:

Just beyond [the] age old farmhouses… of the 650 year-old vertical mountain village of Fujino in Japan, stretches the crop of indigo that will be harvested for these boots. It is here, inside of a 160 year-old silk farm house nestled within the village, that the Natural Rough-Out Horween® Chromexcel® leather – cut by hand in our New York factory – undergoes countless hours of preparation, pH balancing, alkalinity neutralization, and saturation in indigo vats.

Upon completion of the indigo dye process, the leather is sent to our factory where each boot is crafted on a bench, the old fashioned way, by master shoemakers with over 20 years of experience. Each pair still sewn by hand, with precise attention to detail.

That is some cinematic shit right there. And fitting for boots of this caliber. Equally dramatic is the super narrow pre-buy window / limited number of pieces: OSB is only taking orders from now until July 14th – or until they get 100 orders – whichever comes first.

For price and purchase info, visit Oak Street Bootmakers.