The NRA Just Put on a Fashion Show (No, Really)

According to a recent story from Racked, the National Rifle Association put an actual, honest-to-god fashion runway show last week.

Held in a ballroom at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee, the evening was “all about concealed carry accessories, which are designed to hold firearms securely on the body and out of plain view.”

The show’s attendees — mostly middle-aged, mostly white, and mostly “dressed casually in sneakers, jeans, cargo shorts, and T-shirts” — were in Milwaukee for the NRA’s inaugural Carry Guard Expo, which was billed as “a weekend of seminars and demos focused on the topic of carrying a gun outside the home.”

The show was a clear demonstration of the “marked growth in the diversity and quality of [concealed carry] products made for women,” which now include handbags, holsters, corsets, and more – all of which were on display on the runway.

And while the increase in women-focused products was lauded by many of the women in attendance, most of whom use guns for “protecting themselves and their families,” the story notes that, according to a study published in 2014 by epidemiologists at UC San Francisco, “people with a gun in their home or available to them were twice as likely to be killed by a firearm, and women were nearly three times as likely to die by homicide.”

You can read more about it at Racked.

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