Northwestern Knitting Co.

Technically, the tees and sweats from Northwestern Knitting Co. fall under the “elevated basics” category – but in the same way that, technically, those insane blade-less Dyson fans fall under the “house fan” category. These are elevated elevated basics. Knit, cut, and sewn entirely in the United States, the pieces are crafted from Merino Dual Cloth, a proprietary fabric that has German merino wool on one side, cotton/poly on the other, and spandex connecting the two, making it ideal for both casual and active wear – it’s super cozy, but will also move with you without losing its shape. Add to that some great classic-but-not-too-classic designs, understated detailing, and a no-way-you-can-fuck-it-up color palette, and you’ve got one the best (elevated) elevated basics ranges out there.

For price and purchase info, visit Northwestern Knitting Co.

  • BortLicensePlatez

    Are these guys reliable? I feel like I “discovered” them last year, signed up for their mailing list and even emailed them about stock. Didn’t hear a peep. It just seems like they’re a bit “fly by night”. I *love* their shit so would love to be wrong, but my past attempts didn’t give confidence.

    • John Mooty

      I apologize for the radio silence! Because we run the NWKC line on a different platform than W&W, sometimes our wires get crossed. We announced the pre-order / re-stock through W&W last week and will send it out to the NWKC group before the weekend. Send me an email if you have any questions for sure. I appreciate the support. – John Mooty (