Norse Projects Jens Garment Dyed Twill Shirt Jackets

Oh y’all thought I forgot about shackets with zippers? Man, don’t you know me by now? There’s no forgetting that kind of j-aw(n)someness, especially when it comes in the form of these Jens Garment Dyed Twill Shirt Jackets from Norse Projects. The soft, garment dyed cotton fabric and side pockets for additional storage make this a perfect overshirt for relaxing summer evenings, strolling about town with your boo thang, talking about the finer things in life, like zippers on shackets. I’m telling you, it’ll get ’em going, man. Norse Store’s got it for you in navy and forest green, so don’t sleep, and don’t ever question my dedication to this shit.

For price and purchase info, visit Norse Store.