Nordstrom to Open Stores That Don’t Sell Anything

Because literally nothing makes sense anymore in 2017, Nordstrom recently announced they’d be opening a series of concept stores without any buyable inventory, according to CNBC.

Called “Nordstrom Local,” the stores will be smaller, more intimate and, potentially, more cost-effective for the company, as they’re not dealing with the “expense of… having to hold excessive inventory…”

“Shopping today may not always mean going to a store and looking at a vast amount of inventory,” Shea Jensen, Nordstrom’s senior vice president of customer experience, said in a statement. “It can mean trusting an expert to pick out a selection of items.”

Like a subscription service without the convenience of home delivery, personal stylists will be “curating outfits for shoppers and trying to ease the stress many face of finding the perfect look.”

The locations will also offer in-store pickups for online orders and, in same cases, same-day delivery for in-store purchases, to ease the painful process of going to a store, spending money and leaving with nothing.

And to further enhance the “experience,” Nordstrom Locals are also expected to offer on-site tailoring, a mani-pedi station, and the world’s lamest bar, where “thirsty shoppers can order juices or wine.”

You can read more about it at CNBC.

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  • BrotherVoodoo

    Isn’t this just what Bonobos and other stores are already doing. I don’t know what’s so crazy about it. They can spend the same per square foot but on a smaller retail space but have a much lower per square foot cost for their storage/warehousing. Makes total sense to me. Why pay to store your inventory in the middle of a city when you can pay the much lower costs of a warehouse on the outskirts in a more industrial area?