Nordstrom Doing Just Fine After Giving Trump the Boot

Despite the outcry on social media, including threats of a boycott, from agitated Trump supporters following Nordstrom’s decision to drop Ivanka Trump’s clothing line, Bloomberg reports that the retail giant is doing just fine.

According to data from the research firm, Morning Consult Intelligence, the percentage of Trump’s fanbase with an unfavorable view of Nordstrom doubled in the weeks following the announcement they were dropping Trump, and the subsequent dissing of Nordstrom by the president on Twitter (how is this real life?). However, the company’s overall favorability rating stayed constant at 46% among all voters, indicating that those opposed to Trump picked up the slack.

That notion was backed up by the social media analytics firm, Crimson Hexagon, which recorded hundreds of thousands of social media posts in the aftermath of the controversy, and found pro-Nordstrom opinions outweighing negative ones throughout.

Ultimately, buzz over the story, and the purported boycotts, fizzled out within a few weeks. Meanwhile, the #GrabYourWallet campaign, which played a key role in the 32% sales decrease that led Nordstrom to kick Ivanka to the curb in the first place, still rages on.

You can read more about it at Bloomberg.

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