Noah Recycled Cotton Long Sleeve Tees

I once read somewhere – OK, I heard it from a friend who read it somewhere – that for a while, most of the United States’ recycling went to landfills with other garbage because there was too much of it. I don’t know if that’s true, but I do know that at least, now, some of that recyclable material is going into these Recycled Cotton Long Sleeve Tees from one of my favorite brands, Noah. These 6.5 oz tees are heavier than the brand’s graphic tees and made from 100% recycled cotton. AND they’re only $58. Pretty crazy, right? Now, can any of you point me towards something that disproves Marilyn Manson’s self-fellating skills, anything to do with astrology, and all the other cockamamie shit I’ve heard over the years?

For price and purchase info, visit Noah.