Noah Oxford Shirts

So I started working with a new client at my big boy job and, yet again, I do not feel comfortable wearing weird shit in front of them. I know, I know. WHY CAN’T I BE ME!? So I’m thankful for these Oxford Shirts from one of my favorite brands, Noah. Classic, high-quality, 100% cotton oxfords that are made in Portugal, but that also come in some interesting colors and have that barely there, but still very much there tonal logo below the chest pocket. I can’t completely abandon what makes me, me, you know? And they’re lucky I’m not showing up in Noah’s Holy Water Hoodie, because I want that, too.

For price and purchase info, visit Noah.

  • Noah Shmoah

    Call me lame all you want but the placement of that tonal logo makes this a hard pass. PS you have this tagged as made in USA when its made in Portugal

    • You could always say you went with a garish monogram of your entire first name.

      Serioiusly, I’m with you on the logo issue.

  • John

    I have always been intrigued by noah, but is there a religious connotation to their name/logo? i haven’t pulled the trigger on some of their pieces because i don’t want to be mistaken for a holy crusader.