Nikolai Rose Curb Chain Necklaces

I have to come clean: Brad is usually the one who finds all of the cool shit we post. He would claim it’s because he scours the internet looking for it, but really, it’s just because he manages the account. Either way, throughout the week he sends me emails with subject lines like “damn, this is good” and I rarely disagree. And his latest one of those, I actually a little bit hate him for peeping before me. These cuban-link style Curb Chain Necklaces from Nikolai Rose are made in NYC out of sterling silver, and have a hand-tied silk knot on the clasp for some added charisma. Chain necklaces over t-shirts in the summer is the move, so pick your weight, length, and silk knot color for $155 to $245. And a begrudged thanks to Brad for bringing this beautiful neckwear into my life.

For price and purchase info, visit Nikolai Rose.