Needles Camo Canvas Bush Jacket

Okay, y’all. I’m gonna get real mothafuckin’ abstruse (yeah that’s a real word, look it up) here for a second, but just follow me because I promise I’ll tie it all together in the end. When I was a kid, I was obsessed with the WWF. My favorite duo? The Bushwhackers. Guys had passion, and they were ride or die for each other. I would cry whenever they lost. And what’d they wear? You’re goddamn right, they wore camo. Just like this gnarly boxy cut, cotton/linen leopard print Camo Canvas Bush Jacket from Japanese powerhouse, Needles. And now that it’s half off at Superdenim, you’ll have to wrestle it away from me. Full circle, bitches!

For price and purchase info, visit Superdenim.

  • JAJ

    I had Bushwacker bedsheets man… (makes bushwacker arm gestures in solidarity)