NEED Pull Shorts

So, I am a Cool Dad™ who likes to role play. Not in a sexual way, because dads don’t have sex, nor are they allowed to concern themselves with anything pertaining to sex, but with different Cool Dad™ archetypes. And one model I am particularly fond of is Cool Soccer Dad™ – you know, the one who played ODP in middle school, and who shows up with all the dope snacks on Snack Day® and juggles the ball six times before rainbow kicking it back to the kids – and these Pull Shorts from NEED are a key element to pulling off this particular avatar. The lightweight, 100% cotton twill shorts have a slight drop crotch but still end above the knee, to make the khaki cargo short-wearing dads angry when they hear the soccer moms whisper “how are him and his wife doing?” We’re doing fine, Beth, but maybe you should show your wack ass husband some love and swag him out with these joints, which are 30% off at NEED.

For price and purchase info, visit Need Supply.