N’East Illustrated, Vol. 45

It was a somber month with the passing of one of my all-time favorite actors, Gene Wilder. A comedic genius with some real acting chops to boot, he was also a man of modest style and charm. His films with Mel Brooks are my favorite, especially Blazing Saddles.

Been enjoying The Rake’s Instagram lately. This shot of Andreas Weinas of Manolo Sweden chatting it up with journalist Simon Crompton at Pitti Uomo is a great example of the dialed-in style scene you’ll find on their feed. Original photo by Jamie Ferguson.

Topo Designs just released a sweet puffy piece of business they’re calling the Puffer Cardigan. They’re so good at taking classic outdoor pieces, giving ’em a tweak and making them feel contemporary. Might need to get “up close and personal with this one,” as Nick Grant put it in his write-up.

I was glued to the screen last weekend watching clips from Goodwood Revival. The cars and the attendees’s costumes are from the original period of the Goodwood Circuit (1948-1966), which is a lot of fun. British label Private White VC, and their creative director Nick Ashley, did a great job covering the event on their Instagram. Ashley is pictured here on the right.

To see more of Mitchell’s work, check out her portfolio site. You can also email her directly if you’re interested in having her draw something for you (very wise move).