N’East Illustrated, Vol. 28

A Continuous Lean published a great interview with Club Monaco VP of Men’s Design Aaron Levine. Not only is he insanely good at what he does, he’s also a great guy (and has incredible style).

I love collaborating with brands like The Hill-Side. This month I styled a mini photoshoot with some of their products and hosted a giveaway on my blog. I honestly live in their scarves, like this chambray one.

The boys of Taylor Stitch have embarked on another one of their brilliant ideas. Their new Workshop program offers exceptional goods at incredible prices. Like I said, brilliant.

Jewelry designer Rebecca Mir Grady reached out to me this month to introduce herself and her jewelry. All of her pieces are handmade with reclaimed precious metals in her studio in Chicago.

Justin Chung, one of my favorite photographers, is publishing a book featuring the lives, spaces, and stories of noteworthy individuals. It’s called The Faculty Department and I can’t wait to see it.

To see more of Mitchell’s work, check out her portfolio site. You can also email her direct if you’re interested in having her draw something for you (very wise move).