NAQP Rundle Raglan Crewnecks

So, I looked up “rundle,” as I was curious about the namesake of these Rundle Raglan Crewnecks from NAQP – which are made in Canada out of heavy, 14 oz French terry, and have vintage-style raglan sleeves, side-panels, and v-insert at the neck, and, only cost $90 CAD / $68 USD – and the definition is, “the drum of a windlass or capstan.” LOLWUT!?! Don’t you hate it when you look up a word, only to have to then look up the definition? Fuck it, I’m not doing another search. Plus, whatever the actual meanings of “windlass” and “capstan” are could never be as good as the things I think they might be.

For price and purchase info, visit NAQP.