Nanamica x Dr. Martens Camberwell Shoes

Camberwell is an artsy, eclectic district in South London that I very much want to be a part of. Like, to the point of having a British accent and using terms like “wanker” and “tosser” without anyone batting an eye. But, that’s something that is going to take time and family relocation and all that jazz, so I should probably just start with these Camberwell shoes Dr. Martens just gussied up in collaboration with Japanese ace, Nanamica. Made of a thick grain leather at Dr. Martens original factory in England, these also feature cheeky spins on some core Doc Marten details, including a moc toe and a wild ripple approach to their signature sole. Definitely going to be proper gutted if I don’t make off with a pair of these $280 scrummy must-haves. Sorry I’m not sorry for appropriating British culture!

For price and purchase info, visit Dr. Martens.

  • Jim

    Somebody has got to tell Nanamica about the white laces. Somebody has to have already told them about the white laces. Right??

    • S.O. Crane

      It’s their house style.