Nanamica 2 Way Duffle Bags

It seems like every time a bad guy in a movie needs to stash some cash, they use a duffle bag. Now what you choose to pack in your duffle is none of my business, but if it is something… illicit, theses 2 Way Duffle Bags from Nanamica are the way to go. Made in Japan from abrasion and tear resistant ballistic nylon, they’ll stand up to any trouble you get into. Plus, they have stow-able straps, so you can wear them like a backpack, which will look way less conspicuous. Two colors are available for a steal at 60% off at Gentry.






For price and purchase info, visit Gentry.

  • Watcho

    I’d love to see a sliding scale on messenger/briefcases. Surely there’s more to the game than the classic Filson…