Munqa Jewelry

Munqa is a tiny jewelry operation created by an artist named muu. I tell you this because, as I perused their exquisite collection of emoticon-emblazoned cuffs, rings, brooches and necklaces – which are handcrafted in Japan out of sterling silver – all I could think about was how the artist’s name is similar to one of my favorite Pokemon, Mew, and that this brand makes jewelry or, as I like to call it, mewelry. So, my introduction to, and emphatic excitement toward, what I’m seeing from this brand is serendipity. It just has to be. No other explanation, really. And as I look through Standard & Strange to try to figure out which piece of mewelry best suits my current materialistic need, I know I must support Munqa and more importantly, muu, just as Mew has supported me over the years.

For price and purchase info, visit Standard & Strange