Moonstar Gym Classic Shoes

To me, Moonstar sounds like the name of one of those ’80s sci-fi movies were some random kid from the midwest is tasked with saving an entire galaxy. In actuality, Moonstar is a Japanese footwear company that’s been crafting shoes since 1873. Their Gym Classic Shoes are made using 100% cotton canvas that’s woven using the “Kurume Kasuri” technique – a method that takes three months – and they’ve got vulcanized rubber soles, all of which means they’ll last (and last, and last). And that’s almost as exciting as galaxy-saving. Three colors are available.

For price and purchase info, visit Superdenim.

  • camp6ell

    they will last, but does anyone know if these are made on the same lasts as shoes like pottery? seems like every japan made sneaker like this is coming out of one place…

    • leuven

      Yea, MoonStar makes Shoes Like Pottery, Doek, and some collabs afaik.


    Done with glued on soles. They always fail at the bend points.