Monocle Kamedajima Slippers

To you, these Monocle Kamedajima Slippers may seem opulent. But not to me. For I am a king, deserving of Japanese hand-spun slub yarn and a cushioned sole in which to gallivant around my palace while getting fed fat-ass, juicy grapes by one of my 27 wives. I’m also a generous king who shall allow my fiefdom to enjoy the same slippers as their lord for a mere £35. That’s $54, you peasants.



For price and purchase info, visit Monocle.

  • Watcho

    “one size fits small” it says. I’m drawing conclusions about you brah.

    • Nick Grant

      i’m one of those half-foot-in-half-foot-out-lazily type of dudes.

      oh, and i have a above-averaged size penis.


    Best chew toy for the pup, slippers are.