Monitaly Insulated Pullovers

You ever see an article of clothing and wonder if the designer was on some really, really good drugs when they came up with it? I feel like Monitaly’s Yuki Matsuda was on some grade A peyote when he concocted this Insulated Mock Neck Pullover. At a quick glance, the water-repellent, 100% cotton Vancloth pullover, with its quilted nylon lining and drawstring hem, seems harmless. But upon closer inspection, Matsuda goes full turbo with a non-zip, mock neck that has a motherfucking drawstring, bro. A DRAWSTRING AT THE NECK! That seems like a perfect detail for someone like Raf, but Yuki said “this my shit.” This can be your shit, too, if you’re feeling frisky and frugal because it’s 30% off at BlackBlue. Hit that shit.

For price and purchase info, visit BlackBlue.