Momotaro Moleskin Work Jackets

I feel like, usually, jackets that look like these Moleskin Work Jackets from Momotaro are made from waxed cotton. And, as I’ve mentioned on here several times before, I kinda hate waxed cotton (yeah, yeah, bad menswear blogger, I know. I mean, the dry-finish stuff is okay, but it’s so rarely used). Anyway, these are made from heavyweight, 100% cotton moleskin, which has been sheared to make the already soft fabric even softer. They also have a quilted polyester lining, corduroy collar, two-way zipper, and dual entry hip pockets. All of which, added up, would make me want one even if they were waxed. But they’re not, and that’s great.

For price and purchase info, visit Blue Owl.

  • S.O. Crane

    2018, The year of the corduroy collar.

  • ImpudentObserver

    Nice, but I don’t know about $325 nice, yikes. Your “About” says “Well Spent features responsibly made products that look good and don’t cost an arm and a leg.” Appendages must be a lot cheaper where you live. Blue Owl has flannel shirts for $215!! And some blue jeans are just a hair under $300. C’mon, man!