Momotaro Aloha Shirts

You know who’s got the juice right now? Harry Styles. Dude has been killing it lately, and I want to hate him so much, but I can’t. His new song? Fire. His hair? Fire. And, he can rock the shit out of a Hawaiian shirt. If I were skinny, and white, and had good hair, and could sing, my first move would be to cop one of these Momotaro Aloha Shirts. Cut and sewn in Japan, the woven cotton shirts come in a variety of prints that all scream “I’m a fucking G with style, and I can retire at 35.” Just like Harry Styles. Of course, I’m not skinny, and I’m biracial, and I’m losing my hair. But I’m still gonna pick up one of these $124 joints from Denimio, because why not?

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