MHL Fishtail Parka Superlight Proofed Cotton

HOOOOOOOMYGOD, MHL DID IT AGAIN. I seriously contemplated not telling you guys about this flawless Fishtail Parka. I mean, it’s made in the UK out of a super lightweight, coated cotton/nylon/poly blend that’s water-resistant – a necessity in a fishtail, IMO. And it’s got the Cool Dad Special™ concealed placket. In short: it’s MHL; what do you expect? And the fact that it’s only $375 at Neighbour absolutely boggles my mind, which is why I was gonna keep it to myself, to ensure that I got one. But since I am doing you such a huge favor by letting you know about it, y’all should get me back by buying me one. Seriously, just pool your money together and make it happen. C’mon, guys, you owe me.



For price and purchase info, visit Neighbour.