Master-Piece Link Series Shoulder Bags

I’m Usher Raymond and these are my Confessions; my current everyday bag situation is absolute trash. There is constantly a need for something to carry the shit I don’t want my pants to, but it always seem to fall by the wayside because some other clothing item bubbles up to the top of my “absolutely need or I’ll cease to exist” list. It’s high time I quit sidestepping, man up, and get myself the murse I deserve: this Master-Piece Link Series Shoulder Bag. It’s made in Japan of a durable twill fabric and it looks very utilitarian. It’s got a main compartment with interior zip pocket AND two external patch pockets. END. has a couple colors to choose from for $99, so now I can stop bulging up my pants with my wallet, keys, phone and other miscellaneous gadgety gizmos, and bulge it up the way I prefer; with my penis.

For price and purchase info, visit End Clothing.