Looks like Walmart’s Been Discriminating Against Its Female Employees

It appears Walmart is back on their bullshit. Reuters is reporting that the world’s (sometimes) largest retailer has “likely discriminated against” hundreds of female workers.

Detailed in memos written by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and recently shown to Reuters, the allegations include paying women less, and / or failing to promote them, based solely on their gender.

In response to the findings, Walmart told the EEOC it was “willing to engage in a ‘conciliatory process,’” but also added that the “cases involved allegations that were more than 15 years old,” and were “not representative of the positive experiences millions of women have had working at Walmart.”

But because there’s always more to a story than a corporate statement, an attorney told Reuters that there are “at least 1,600 similar complaints pending at the EEOC, accusing Walmart of discriminating against women in pay and promotions between 1999 and 2011,” and roughly “150 lawsuits against Walmart, covering the same time period, were pending in federal courts across the country.”

This is probably also a good time to mention that in 2011, Walmart “convinced the U.S. Supreme Court not to let about 1.5 million female workers complaining about pay and promotions sue in a class action, with a majority of justices concluding the women had too little in common to sue as a group.”

You can read more about it at NBC News.

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